Mach1 JCB


The Covid-19 global pandemic has seen many Malaysians lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet. Many businesses are struggling to survive due to plummeting demand and a worsening economic condition.

Despite experiencing the same struggle, Mach 1, JCB dealer for West Malaysia, is still determined to support those most in need of help in their local community.

In November, Mach 1 donated 240 bottles of Anti-Bacterial hand sanitizer for the Buddhist community at Maha Vihara Brickfields, and also for the students at the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB).

In December, the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD) asked local businesses for donations to support their Phase 3 – Building Revitalisation Project, with Mach 1 immediately jumped to becoming part of the donor list.

Mach 1 Executive Director Mr Bill Tok together with the team prepared 12 food hampers for those families most in need over the Christmas period. The team worked with local communities identified those who would benefit most from the food hampers, and then dispatched two across Kuala Lumpur, eight in Pahang and a further two in Selangor.

Shankar, Technical Engineer at Mach 1 commented: ‘Whilst it has been a difficult year for all of us, it is important we continue to support our local communities and those most in need’.

Bill Tok is known for supporting local community causes and charitable institutes, and the work by Mach 1 during the Covid-19 pandemic continues his legacy in this field. After all, Christmas spirit is all about giving and sharing.

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